Architecture Biennale 2014

A selection of inspiring aesthetics from the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2014. The main exhibition was curated by Rem Koolhaus and was titled "Fundamentals," and the rest of the exhibitions pictured are the country pavilions at the Giardini, you can see which exhibition is which listed underneath the gallery.

Denmark Empowerment of Aesthetics
Serbia 14-14
Japan In the Real World
Uruguay La Aldea Feliz
Biennale Elements
Czech 2 x 100 mil. m² – THE COLLECTIVE DREAM
Russia Fair Enough
Brazil modernity as tradition

Russia Fair Enough
Finland Re-Creation
Canada Arctic Adaptations
Korea Crow's Eye View: The Korean Peninsular
Korea Crow's Eye View: The Korean Peninsular
Russia Fair Enough
Germany Bungalow Germania
Biennale Elements

Austria Plenum: Places of Power
Romania Site Under Construction
Belgium Interiors. Notes and Figures
Biennale Elements
Britain A Clockwork Jerusalem
United States OFFICEUS
Israel The Urburb
France Modernity: Promise or Menace?