Exhibition: Dale Chihuly at the Denver Botanic Gardens

It seems to me like it wouldn't be an easy task to find sculpture installations to hold their own in a botanical garden. It's so difficult to tear your eyes from the bright blooms, that you really have to have something with even more color and intriguing shape to add significance to the landscape. Luckily, the Denver Botanic Gardens are extremely successful at accomplishing this with their newest exhibit of Dale Chihuly's glass sculptures.

The first time I experienced Chihuly's work was at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Fiori Di Como is an expected opulence that fits in with the glamour of the lit up strip, but in his latest series of exhibitions, held in Botanic Gardens around the U.S., Chihuly has found an environment much more well suited for his work. The scene allows him to take the sculptures that are themselves an interpretation of the natural world (but in the eyes of someone tripping on acid), and adds them to a garden that in itself also condenses the possibilities offered by nature, packing thousands of flowers and plants from all over the world into a small space. The end product feels like a scene in Alice in Wonderland — there's no escaping the purples and reds and yellows and greens.

In the end it just comes down to the fact that flowers + blown glass = winning. Bummed that I'm going to be out of town during the night time exhibit of the sculptures this winter, so if you're around Denver/Boulder you should definitely visit.