Found Film: Bay to Breakers 2010

I've been sorting through a lot of piles of packrat stuff in my pre-NYC moving days. And recently, I came across a little project that I started in 2009. The idea was to shoot a couple of rolls of film per year over the span of five, focusing my camera on people and places that I would remember, without developing them. Then, in 2015 I would take a whole bag of the rolls to the darkroom and reveal them at once.

Despite forgetting about the project in roughly 2010, I did just find and develop the rolls — in perfect timing. An entire roll was dedicated to Bay to Breakers 2010, the first year I moved to SF and the first time I experienced it, sick with a cold and sober, and mostly from above. Now not only am I preparing to move to a new city again, but these photos unveiled themselves right before the 2015 version of B2B. So here they are! Have an amazeballs time this year and Happy Bay to Breakers, all of you SFers :)