Happy 2016 from Lake George

Technically that's a bit of a lie, because no — I'm not in Lake George at the moment. But I spent the first three days of the year there in a delightful small town called Bolton Landing. All at once reminiscent of the mountain towns that I'm used to driving through in the snow, and yet totally strange, abandoned during the winter season.

These assembled pictures above are more about the vibe of this single street village, and the aesthetics that I found so embraced me despite and because of the gloom and cold. Antique stores — some opened some closed. A combination deli/laundromat. A warm public library where a wall is covered entirely in marked heights of the town's children and visitors over many, many years. The colonial styling of my hotel room. The first step of an entire coast that I get to start exploring more this year.

Hope you all get the chance to explore somewhere, too! Happy New Year.