Olden Copenhagen

Clock Tower, Church of St. Nicholas Kunsthallen Nikolaj  //  Scandic Palace Hotel  //  Mystery statue / Copenhagen City Hall Rådhuspladsen  //  Abalienbourg Square, home of the Danish Royal Family — this is a statue of King Frederick V//  Statens Museum for Kunst / Atelier Bow-Wow at the Danish Architecture Center Dansk Arkitektur Center  //  Nyhavn //  A Nyhavn Window  //  Assistens Cemetery Assistens Kirkegård  //  Langelinie Promenade  //  Copenhagen Botanical Garden Botanisk Have  //  (Possibly Also Kunsthallen Nikolajbut I'm not totally sure)  //  The Round Tower Rundetaarn  //  Copenhagen Københavns

Ten days in Copenhagen weren't nearly enough to capture all of the dualities of the city — nor is a single article enough to show off what I did take in. So here's half, the olden Copenhagen to be followed by the images of the newer hopefully sometime in the next week. 

Echoing in my head from the most irritatingly cheerful walking guide I have ever been unfortunate enough to have spent two hours with, here are some of the stories I remember learning during our tour:

  • City Hall, which is recorded as having burned down four times — once in the largest fire that the city has faced, which in 1728 burnt down almost 30% of the city, 35,000 works of literature in the university, and was rumored to have been started by a 7-year-old.

  • The Hotel D'Angleterre where what our guide excitedly deemed the "James Bond" (but what on further inquiry I have also seen referred to as more of a "Robin Hood") of Denmark — a British Spy, reportedly tried to assassinate Heinrich Himler, but failed when the target never made it to his room.

  • Nyhavn, a sailor's hangout and prostitute paradise — where Hans Christian Anderson spent time wallowing after being unable to make it as an actor.


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