19 arts experiences to have in Wynwood, Miami

A large scale collaboration over the years by artists from all over the world, the Wynwood District in Miami has become one of the best places in the world to wander around to catch a glimpse of graffiti and street art from some serious international artists.

Home to many of the major events of that juggernaut that is Art Basel, the Wynwood Arts district offers a year-round tourist trap for people in search of some brightly colored contemporary work both in and outside of a traditional gallery format. I only spent a day wandering through the area, but I've collected an incomplete list of the arts experiences worth a view, though they're not all pictured. In no particular order, and spanning everything from the graffiti to the culinary, to lets face it — the marketing arts: 

First things first, just the fact that you can see STREET ART works by the like of Swoon, Haas & Hahn, El Xupet Negre, and who knows what other graffiti artists — in huge-scale formats, all over the place.

And second things second, one of the huge attractions of the area is the WYNWOOD WALLS, which hosts a concentrated collection of some of the most famous artists on a rotating basis.

No day of art walks can start without some coffee, and now-institution PANTHER COFFEE will get the job done, with fantastic coffee and a pretty suave coffeehouse.

Right next door to the coffee shop is COYO TACO, which serves up fancy tacos in a kickass building. 

Speaking of food and art, they have tons of FOOD + ART tours of the area, so just google "Wynwood tours" to find the latest and greatest edition.

Though this is generally applicable to any place, this is a particularly fun one to PEOPLE WATCH. Try playing the game to capture the most colorful outfits against the most stunning graffiti.

Head to GRAMPS for a casual day-drink. Or, try J. WAKEFIELD BREWING. They're basically on top of one another and each have their own offering for getting a buzz on.

The the creatively titled WYNWOOD BUILDING is zebra of buildings. A converted shopping mall that now hosts all sorts of creative businesses, in a life-size optical illusion.

Go BOUTIQUE HUNTING, particularly around NW 2nd Avenue, as there are lots of little shops popping in and out with crafts that make easy and not-quite-cheap gifts for friends and family.

ART BY GOD'S NATURE GALLERY (pictured on the bottom left) is a labyrinth of taxidermy, fossils, and assorted arts from around the world. It doesn't appear as sleek as most of the locations on this list, but is well worth a walk-through.

PLANT THE FUTURE has that same natural vibe, but is more of a contemporary-design-loving biophiliac's dream, with a sculptural take on succulents, and much more.

Try a eating spot named after a dude, like ZAK THE BAKER with it's out-of-control artisan bread, or JOEY'S Italian mainstay where I read that Jay Z and Beyoncé love to eat at, or at least ate there once, according to People Magazine. So, obviously go there.

Take a taste of the SALTY DOUGHNUT, a street cart and pop-up serving up indulgent sugary explosions.

The BAKEHOUSE ART COMPLEX is one of the oldest arts nonprofits in the area — it's been around for 30 years. The space hosts events, classes, and a residency program and is all about supporting the local arts community.

And if you're looking for something ginormous, there's THE MARGULIES COLLECTION AT THE WAREHOUSE, which hosts seasonal exhibitions of gritty multi-media, particularly 3D and sculptural, artworks.

Speaking of things that have been around for a while, go check out the RUBELL FAMILY COLLECTION before they move out to head to new and more 'emerging' pastures in 2018.

And for my last pick, I choose WHO EVEN KNOWS now? The best part of this kind of dynamic art space is that it is constantly changing, and every time you go, there will be something different to see.