Here's what goes into your favorite Haunted Houses

Happy Halloween!

This is a loose interpretation of the category How It's Made, I'm going behind the scenes of your favorite Haunted Houses, after stumbling into to the Midwest Haunters Convention in Columbus, Ohio.

My boyfriend/perennial adventure buddy and I were in Columbus for my college friend's wedding. It was an extremely classy affair as was befitting the extremely classy bride—in the botanical garden with a string quartet and a choreographed first dance with her new hubby.

The afternoon before the wedding, we were riding the hotel elevator when in stepped three gargantuan backwoods brothers, clad in plaid, overalls, and dripping with blood while toting a vast array of spiked weaponry. We stepped out of the small space and made our way through the bowels of the taupe colored Convention Center, and more ghouls crawled out of the woodworks: zombies, corpses, clowns, and even a kraken geisha accompanied by a bloody ballerina.


When we walked through the hallway to return to our room later that night, there were smears of blood along the walls.

Naturally, we had to see for ourselves, and purchased tickets to the trade show. For this multi-day gore extravaganza, there were costumes and masks, makeup and prosthetics, props and taxidermy—experts peddling their wares and knowledge. We missed the seminars, masked ball, and body art competition segments of the show, but if I can trust any of the pictures that I e-stalked on their instagram after the fact, the whole thing looked to die for.