Pastels for Easter

Usually I'm more of a dramatic colors sort of girl, but Easter seemed like the perfect time to make a nice bouquet out of pastels! Here's how I did it.

Picking the blooms

My goal is to find ways to create interesting mixtures for not too much money. I started out at a specialty flower store to buy my starring flowers — moving through their refrigerator on my crutches, trying to avoid knocking into anything delicate while on the search for a color palette and intriguing shapes. After selecting those I moved onto a natural foods store to find some filler blooms, and some greens to help take up space while still looking interesting. Luckily we're in spring and as Easter is coming up, stores have a particularly large selection of flowers available. With the combination of both stores, I was able to keep the whole thing at an affordable $35.

Star flowers

  • 1 Anemone
  • 1 Ranunculus
  • 10 stalks Veronica
  • 3 different colored Roses

Supporting Flowers

  • 5 stalks Queen Anne's Lace
  • 5 stalks Stock
  • 1 bunch wax flower


  • 1 stem Geranium Foliage
  • 1 stem mystery prickly green
  • 5 stems leaves

The Process

I started by selecting the vase and then created a tape grid on it, to help keep flowers propped up during the creative process. I also like to arranging all of the flowers on the table in a row to get an idea of what I have.

The first thing to do actually working with the flowers is removing any leaves from the stems so that there wouldn't be any foliage in the water. This helps the flowers last longer. Then I worked to layer like a lasagna, first putting in some of the bigger greens and the Queen Anne's Lace, then following that up by strategically placing the star blossoms — working in sets of odd numbers. The whole time turning the vase as I worked to make sure each side looked nice. Then with a reserve of the last third of the flowers I filled in holes, making sure that there was no place in the bouquet that looked empty.

I'll continuously tweak the flowers as I look at them on the table, it's never totally done (particularly when you're still learning.) Sometimes even a couple of days later when certain flowers bloom and others fade, I'll rearrange them from scratch! Just for practice.