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I worked with the site's community of designers, splitting my time between content production and supervision of the highest level users.

As editor of the Designer Blog, I was responsible for managing staff and guest contributors and publishing daily educational and inspirational articles for 200,000 unique monthly visitors. My editorial responsibilities included managing the blog’s calendar to work within a larger marketing calendar, top/copy/proof editing, and maintaining the brand voice by positioning our blog as a thought leader in the larger design community. I used content and SEO strategies to grow blog page visits 65% and views 50% during the time I oversaw the blog.

I collaborated with partner and marketing managers to establish business and content partnerships. We increased the variety and reach of our blog content by partnering with organizations like Sitepoint.comand Adobe's 99U to reduce in-house production. And in the community we reached out to local businesses through events like NewCo to promote the 99designs brand.

On the community side, I worked across company teams to develop initiatives to increase retention of top performing designers. This included changes to the functionality of the user and admin interfaces and the promotion of programming engage top users more with administrators as well as one another in our design community. I also assisted in the management of our designer support team by creating and enforcing site rules to help grow a strong and skilled designer community.

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