Celebrating 2014!

Hey all,

I had a huge year in 2014! And I'm a person who loves to make lists. I spend an inordinately large amount of my time making all sorts of lists, most of which actually make me less productive rather than more so because it takes up so much of my time, making all of these lists. 

I wanted to make a list of what actually happened with me in 2014, to find some way of quantitatively taking score of everything that happened. Since this website is mostly to show people I already know what's going on with me, it'll be a good tool for communication — in place of a holiday card.

My two major accomplishments of 2014 were to quit my job for a six-month journey around the world, and to start this website! I'm super excited to have done both, even though neither went completely smoothly. Read a little bit more about these and the rest of my 2014 below.



  • Traveled for six months
    • #1 Bucket list country: Nepal
    • Completed my first trek
    • Climbed in another country
  • Started Small Things in Big Numbers
  • Became certified as a Yoga Teacher


  • Days traveling: 180
  • Pictures taken: 17,484
  • Countries visited: 15


Kaitlyn Ellison