Oh hai there...

Welcome to my blog, smallthingsinbignumbers!

It's named after one of my favorite things in the world, when there are a lot of tiny things all in the same place at the same time. This is opposed to just one or two things that are larger than they're meant to be, of course, which is something that is super creepy and unpleasant.

The larger significance of the name smallthingsinbignumbers is the idea is that creating the life that you want to live isn't about making big decisions all of the time. It's about doing small things consistently, and letting them build up into something bigger. For me, it's about creativity. I get stuck in the day-to-day and so big creative projects often elude me. They're started and never finished, or just dreamt of and never even started. So instead, I want to do something small and creative every single day.

This blog is a record of that challenge, a way for me to make myself accountable, and constantly create and explore new experiences. And because life and creativity is about collaboration, I hope soon it will be a record of other people's small things in big numbers as well!